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My experience in building in the Gulf of Mexico allows me to bring Hurricane Standard Quality Construction to this Region.

Gustavo Muniz 

Owner/Operator of Bela Terra Creations LLC

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Mindfulness in all structures created. The Land assists me with my designs so there is always a natural flow. 

Gustavo Muniz

Owner/Operator of Bela Terra Creations LLC


Real Estate Property Transaction



I was very impressed with the quality and skill that Gustavo Muniz has for home improvements. I wanted to sell my house but it needed a lot of updates.  I needed the work done quickly and Gustavo/Bela Terra Creations did it expertly and on time.  I really appreciated his daily emails describing the work done and the hours spent.  

  • Carpentry work:  5 stars for new stairs from my deck to the ground, deck trim replacement, rebuilt step from the garage to the house.
  • Designs on interior and exterior projects:  5 stars for excellent suggestions and follow through on multiple household repairs/updates including painting the cement entry/exit paths to/from the house, secure the mailbox by the curb, interior painting, replace screening and wood trim on covered deck, removal and disposal of trash, replace bathroom vanity and showerhead, caulk and touch up paint, painting the new stairs from the deck to the ground and the wood deck trim, power wash the cement around the house before it got resealed, repair saggy gates and replace lock mechanisms, move heavy items from the house to the garage, new panel built to cover an access hole in the laundry room ceiling, caulk cracks in workshop floor and repaint it, interior touch up paint where needed, chopping up and hauling away a lot of downed tree branches after the spring storm. Gustavo/Bela Terra Creations is very skilled and very responsible.  I could breathe easy knowing he would do what he promised to do when he promised to do it.  He's gracious and kind as well.  I'm very happy I was given his phone number by my realtor and due in part to his work my house sold very quickly at a very good price.

Judy Long

Rental Property Upgrades


Gustavo did a fabulous job and really took the time to ensure a high level of quality throughout the carpentry/construction job he did for me. I have another job scheduled and could not give Gustavo a stronger recommendation – 5/5

Neale Minch

Deck Repair & Improvements



Mr. Muniz started and completed the job as scheduled. His workmanship is excellent. He cleaned the area thoroughly at the end of each day. The job was completed at the price he quoted. Kept us advised of the work completed each day. 

Linda and Leon Hoshower

1800's Home Renovation



Five stars! Customer service is really a big deal in my book and we were definitely taken care of on multiple projects. Gustavo specializes in many things and we couldn't be more pleased about the carpentry work, the tile and the custom projects he has done for us. He can best be described as down to Earth, honest and hard working. I would highly recommend you hire him for your next project! You will not be disappointed. 


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